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Shalom Services Corporation is a Civil Engineering Business engaged in Civil Engineering Design, Geotechnical Laboratory Services, Construction Management, Materials Testing and Construction Inspection. Our past and current projects include various forms of governmental civil, industrial design and construction management including erosion control, industrial plants, bridges, and heavy highway.

Shalom personnel are highly qualified, trained and certified, familiar with the nuances of government production and requirements necessary for sustainable design. Shalom designers are especially attuned in developing design parameters with each client that identifying the overall project goal for design so that each party has a Mutual Understanding at the outset of the design process. Quality Control for Design and timely production of each Phase of Delivery has been essential to our past success with our client base.

Professional Team

We ensure that design, field and laboratory reports are peer reviewed before finalization and delivery to clients.


Shalom personnel are highly qualified, trained and certified, and have the experience and confidence to provide high quality design and quality control.


Shalom is dedicated to serving the clients' needs and delivering services according to schedule and budget​.

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Our team of designers know the requirements, wants, and expectations of our clients.